Hardwood Floor Refinishing

in Rochester, NY

It makes no difference whether you’ve been in your home for a year or a few dozen years.  When the time comes to restore the original beauty of your hardwood floors, you need a professional with years of experience, proven techniques, and the versatile skillset required to work on any type of wood surface with confidence.  At Monroe Floor Resurfacing, we specialize in refinishing hardwood floors of every age and species, and have a rock solid reputation of customer satisfaction throughout Rochester and the WNY region.

Hardwood floor refinishing renovation in Rochester NY

Professional sander for hardwood floor custom stair refinishing

Sander used for professional hardwood floor refinishing

From older and historic homes with hardwood floors in need of serious attention, to more modern homes with floors that are due for a regular conditioning, the experts at Monroe Floor Resurfacing are committed to providing exceptional service at the most competitive rates.

  • Professional restoration of aged or damaged hardwood floors
  • We utilize the most advanced refinishing equipment for superior results
  • An innovative process to reveal natural detail that others often miss
  • Our technicians are highly experienced and receive ongoing training
  • We specialize in all types of hardwood flooring and wood species
  • From simple scuff removal and staining to complete resurfacing projects
  • Your home is in good hands with our 99% dustless refinishing process

Whether you’re new to the Western NY area and looking to improve the appearance of your new home’s hardwood flooring, or a longtime resident dealing with wood floors that have endured the test of time, the professionals at Monroe Floor Resurfacing are here to help.  Get in touch with our staff today for answers to your questions, schedule an appointment or start a free quote.

You can reach Monroe Floor Resurfacing by phone at 585-953-6926  any time during regular business hours, or reach out via email day or night by visiting our website’s contact page.

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