uv finishing machine

At Monroe Floor Resurfacing, we understand the importance of maintaining the beauty and durability of your floors. That's why we specialize in applying UV Finish, a cutting-edge solution that ensures your floors are resilient against everyday wear and tear.

At the heart of our UV coating service is the Radcoat® UV Curable Waterborne Finish, a product that outperforms any other coating on the market. Monroe Floor Resurfacing employs this technology to deliver a finish with exceptional resistance to scuffs, scratches, abrasion, and chemicals. Our team buffs the floor, vacuums it thoroughly, and applies the high-quality Radcoat finish. Priced at $3.50 per square foot, our instant UV curing process allows floors to be ready for use within just 2-3 hours of application. This rapid turnaround is a boon for both commercial and residential spaces, minimizing disruption and downtime.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence makes Monroe Floor Resurfacing the leader in the industry.

The ProCoat® Radcoat® UV, utilized in our UV application service, is the first of its kind, offering a UV-curable waterborne finish that dominates over the competition. Designed for versatility, it's the perfect solution for wood, cork, and concrete surfaces.

By choosing Monroe, you benefit from:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Our use of the Jelight JFC 412E - 12 UV curing machine ensures the fastest and most durable finish, getting your space back in use the same day.
  • Safety for Your Space and the Planet: Radcoat® UV's ultra-low VOC formulation ensures a healthier environment, making it a secure choice for both your living or working spaces.
  • Ease of Application: Our expert team ensures a smooth, hassle-free application process, regardless of the project size or complexity.

Choosing Monroe Floor Resurfacing means investing in the longevity and beauty of your floors. Our UV application service not only provides a protective barrier but also enhances the natural charm of your flooring. It's an essential service for anyone looking to maintain their floors in top condition, prevent damage, and ensure their space looks impeccable for years to come.

Protect Your Investment with Monroe Floor Resurfacing

Don't settle for less when it comes to protecting your floors. Choose Monroe Floor Resurfacing and the Radcoat® UV Curable Waterborne Finish for a solution that guarantees durability, beauty, and safety. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your space with the best floor-finishing technology available. Your floors deserve the best - let us provide them with a reliable UV.

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