Screening and Recoating Services

in Rochester, NY

At Monroe Floor Resurfacing, we specialize in rejuvenating hardwood floors through our efficient screen and recoat services. Designed to enhance the appearance and prolong the lifespan of your floors without extensive sanding, our UV finish recoating service offers a practical solution for floors showing light surface blemishes and scratches. Whether your floors have lost their original sheen or are showing signs of light surface blemishes and scratches, our affordable UV finish recoating is the perfect solution to restore their beauty.

Our screen and recoat services are specifically tailored for floors with light, surface-level scratches where the protective layer is wearing down. This service efficiently refreshes your floors by adding an additional layer of commercial-grade UV cure, which not only protects but also enhances the floor's appearance with a lustrous sheen. This method ensures an instantly curing finish, allowing furniture to be moved back the same day with no hassle of waiting for drying. We have a minimum charge of $1500, which covers any service up to 275 square feet. Services exceeding 275 square feet are subject to square footage pricing.

floor after recoating
before recoating

What's the Difference Between Screening & Recoating and Fully Sanding?

Screening and recoating versus fully sanding address different levels of hardwood floor wear. Screening and recoating lightly sands the top finish layer and applies a new coat, ideal for floors with light scratches and scuffs—it's a quick process that refreshes your floor's finish and allows furniture to be replaced the same day. Fully sanding strips the floor to bare wood, necessary for deep scratches or serious damage, and allows for a complete refinishing. If your floors have lost their sheen but don’t show deep damage, screening and recoating might be the perfect maintenance solution.

UV Finish Recoating

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All recoating uses our UV finishing process, ensuring an instant cure and dries within 2 hours.


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Our UV cure application extends the life of your floors, typically lasting between 3 to 5 years.

Choice of Finish

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Choose from an array of finishes to match your style and preference, including satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss.

Bring Back Your Floor's Shine with Monroe Floor Resurfacing

Don't let dull and scratched hardwood floors detract from the beauty of your home. Choose Monroe Floor Resurfacing for a quick, efficient, and effective solution to maintain and enhance your hardwood flooring. If you're uncertain about the depth of the scratches or need more information, give us a call at 585-953-6926. Our team is ready to assess your floors and help you choose the best care option to make them shine like new again. Contact Monroe Floor Resurfacing today and take the first step towards revitalized hardwood floors.

Please note that we do not move furniture as part of our service. However, with our instant curing finishes, you can have your space back to normal on the same day.

Give us a call at 585-953-6926 to get started or write to us any time by filling out our short contact form.