There’s nothing quite like the prestige and timeless appearance of hardwood floors; but like all good things, they require ongoing care in order to preserve their looks and surface integrity. This eventually finds many homeowners contemplating whether their older hardwood floors are in need of resurfacing, a professional staining, or an all-out replacement. Fortunately, the need for complete replacement is rare, leaving the question of whether to have them stained or professionally resurfaced.    

Determining Whether Your Hardwood Floors Need Resurfacing or StainingAt Monroe Floor Resurfacing, one of our goals is to educate homeowners on the most effective and appropriate ways to extend the life of their hardwood floors. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether your wood floors will benefit most from staining or refinishing:

  • Examine your floors closely to identify any deep gouges, grooves, or dents
  • Consider the age of your hardwood floors and how much daily use they get
  • If you’re planning on selling your home, resurfacing can boost curb appeal
  • Hardwood floors with significant damage or buckling may need to be replaced
  • Many scuff marks and minor imperfections can be eliminated with resurfacing
  • Newer wood floors with no damage will do well with a professional staining

The tips mentioned above are just a baseline for those concerned with the appearance of their hardwood flooring. No two scenarios are ever the same, and it’s always good to work with an expert when considering whether to have them stained or resurfaced. Monroe Floor Resurfacing offers a wide range of wood floor restoration services and will be happy to help you better understand which course of action is ideal.

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